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Let me start by admitting that I don’t get it, not only do I not get it, I suck at it! I’ve pissed off more people since opening my Facebook account than I have in my entire life.

I had to shut down one account and claim a “do over” I now have a set of rules that I mostly follow.

1.   Do not post while drinking wine.

2.   Do not comment on others post while drinking wine.

3.   Do not unfriend while drinking wine.

4.   Do not friend request while drinking wine.

These are pretty simple rules, the problem of course is that when you drink wine you’re less likely to follow rules.

 It is my belief that social media provides us with a false sense of anonymity. It’s just us sitting in front of our computers, fingers flying over the keyboard (well some peoples fingers fly, mine sort of skip) There is no intimacy, no emotional inflection to our voices and no facial expressions that can be read. There’s just words, and sometimes those words are misinterpreted, sometimes they’re not; sometimes we’re just sarcastic assholes. We turn into voyeurs, we look at other peoples profiles, timelines, photo’s and friends! All this would be considered stalking anywhere but Facebook. The weird thing is that nobody seems to find this creepy but me.

How many friends do you really have? Because I don’t believe you really do have 768, I don’t believe you have 346, I think you’d be considered really fortunate to have 20! It seems to me that the number of “friends” you have on your page is a self-worth barometer. See, people do like me! I am so popular I have 768 friends!

I guess my definition of “friend“ is completely out of date. Just because somebody named Tom liked the photo your sister posted of you doing the chicken dance at your nephews wedding does not make him your friend! I don’t care if Tom is a friend of a friend, you haven’t even met Tom you don’t know anything about Tom! Tom could be a weirdo for all you know………probably is too, I mean come on he liked a picture of you doing the friggin’ chicken dance! Who does that? (Just a side note here; you really should not post pictures of your sister that have not been sister approved!)

 I think there should be some different categories. I broke down my friend list as an example:

Best friend ~ Blessed to have 2

Real friend ~ Fortunate to have 13 (5 others don’t have fb accounts)

Used to be real friend but neither one of us puts any effort into staying in touch. ~ Sad to say there are 3

Never really were friends but didn’t want to hurt your feelings by denying the request. ~ There is 1

Family, Mom said I have to like you. ~ 18 people who are stuck with me!

Acquaintance, I have met you somewhere and didn’t find you too creepy. ~ 7

Stranger, I have never actually met you, not sure how you got on my page. ~ Zero; never did accept Tom!

I am ok with these numbers and have no illusions that my friend list is going to ever exceed 50. I am sure that along the way I will make some new friends and they will be added to my list. I am also certain that a few on there now won’t make the cut; I do have a tendency to “clean house” every so often especially while drinking wine.

So yeah, I pretty much suck at the social media thing, and I’m all right with that. I go on and check on real friends, real family and acquaintances and I try to be kind and post positive things. I don’t always succeed, but I try.

As for the other social media sites; Twitter, Instagram etc. they’re just going to have to live with out me………








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  2. cliff tinsley says

    dear zenone
    maybe you suck at social media thing because it sucks.
    Who the f counts friendships. Don’t they just happen.
    I do agree with the wine getting in the way. Wine allows us to
    say true feelings (at the moment) that some can’t handle.
    To win and loose friends via a monitor is just weird to me.
    The safest way to communicate long distances is a simple
    letter and stamp. The process of a hand written letter keeps it real!
    Until next time …………….CT

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